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A thousand souls of the Correr Museum
Together with the historical-political epilogue of the Venetian Republic, the collections that were started by Teodoro Correr at the end of the eighteenth century marked the beginning of the process that was to result in the creation of the extraordinary artistic and historical heritage of the Venetian Civic Museums.
Thanks to studies, discoveries and recent restorations, today the museum offers a heterogeneous itinerary that allows visitors to discover the art and history of Venice.
During the itinerary several works from the following sections of the museum will be analysed:
– the Neo-Classical Rooms, in the Napoleonic Wing, the nineteenth century residence of kings and emperors, which house an impressive collection of works by Antonio Canova.
– The Rooms of Empress Sissi, including the Audience Room, study, bedroom – with its lavish upholstery and boudoir – and the personalised bathroom with priceless furnishings from the Napoleonic period.
– The rooms dedicated to the discovery of the history and Venetian Civilisation: From everyday life to the institutions, undertakings at sea and local celebrations;
– The Picture Collection with its important masterpieces of art in the Veneto from its very beginnings to the sixteenth century.
Who is it for: Upper Secondary School
Duration: 2 hours
When: Every day
Time: from 10.00 on
Languages: Italian, English, French, Russian