Museo Correr

Museo Correr

Calligraphy exhibition THE WAY OF WRITING

Sarko Meené (Armenia)

Sarko Meené reflects on the exploration of meanings related to memory, handwriting and Armenian letters through the manuscripts of her grandfather, writer and poet Karpis Surenyan and specifically through her book ‘The Mystery of being Armenian’: “I am fascinated by the heavily edited and crossed out pages. Using the concept of layers, I integrate my grandfather’s text as a fundamental layer with a wire mesh as a secondary layer, creating depth and allowing light to penetrate through the layers of matter.
Symbolically, the stainless steel layer represents protection, as I myself, who identify with such a layer, stand in defense of my grandfather’s legacy. The deceptive appearance of the wire mesh, initially resembling silk, emphasizes themes of femininity and strength. These layers represent various aspects of life and are a reflection of the continuity between past, present and future”.



Sarko Meené (stage name of Armine Sarkavagyan, Yerevan, Armenia, 1984), after a bachelor’s degree in arts in the USA, has been living and working permanently in Armenia since 2011. After a career as a professional tennis player and a degree in Master of Arts and Philosophy, she returned in 2008 to Armenia where she devoted herself completely to art. Her works focus on Armenian memory and in particular on the work of her grandfather, writer Karpis Surenyan whose handwritten letters Sarko uses.