Museo Correr

Past exhibitions


November 18, 2023

The exhibition will be an opportunity to explore handwriting as an artistic form and a vehicle for knowledge and messages that can help create a dialogue and effective cultural bridge between East and West. […]


June 10, 2023

The exhibition at the Correr Museum tackles the theme of the iconography of justice in its many aspects and at various historical moments and how this subject has been rendered in art […]

CARLA ACCARDI. The Seventies: Lenzuoli

April 28, 2023

The Venice project is an homage rather than a retrospective exhibition: the limited selection of work is arranged in the form of an installation that interacts with the museum’s historical rooms […]

Bessarion’s Book In Defense of Plato: Among the Papers of the Last Byzantine Philosopher

August 23, 2022

From 23 August to 31 October 2022 at the Museum Correr the exhibition “Bessarion’s Book In Defense of Plato: among the Papers of the Last Byzantine Philosopher”, in occasion of the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies […]

Venice in Massimo Listri's photographs

July 20, 2022

The beautiful Massimo Listri’s photographs, which will be on display in the Correr Museum from 20 July, offer a harmonious and coherent view of how the architectural monumentality of museums’ spaces are today […]

Exhibition HUONG DODINH. Ascension

April 23, 2022

As part of the “MUVE Contemporaneo 2022” project, Museo Correr will host Huong Dodinh’s first time in Italy exhibition, Ascension. The artist’s work will be displayed in the “Sala delle Quattro Porte” (The Room of Four Doors). […]

Francesco Morosini: the last Serenissima's hero between history and myth

June 28, 2019

Four hundred years after the birth of Francesco Morosini, dubbed “the Peloponnesiacus” (1619-1694), Museo Correr si celebrating this fascinating figure, a doge and admiral. […]

Exhibition | CHIARA DYNYS. Sabra Beauty Everywhere

May 9, 2019

Chiara Dynys presents at Museo Correr “Sabra Beauty Everywhere”, her new project created in 2012 in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon. […]

PRINTING R-EVOLUTION AND SOCIETY, 1450-1500. Fifty Years that changed Europe

September 1, 2018

This exhibition documents the impact of the printing revolution on the economic and social development of early modern Europe […]

Exhibition | IRA VON FÜRSTENBERG. Objets Uniques

May 26, 2018

The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia within the Imperial Apartments of the Royal Palace at Museo Correr will host a major exhibition dedicated to the work of Ira von Fürstenberg, designed by stage director Pier Luigi Pizzi. […]

MINIATURE PORTRAITS and other memories at the time of Napoleon. The Paola Sancassani collection

April 12, 2018

The Paola Sancassani Collection at Museo Correr as long term donation. On show a precious group of miniature portraits from the first half of 19th century […]

SHIRIN NESHAT. The Home of My Eyes | Exhibition

May 13, 2017

The project of “The Home of My Eyes” is a “tapestry of human faces” made up of very different people coming from Azerbaijan. Shirin Neshat exposes her reflection on the cultural identity, the concept of home and community also including videoinstallation “Roja”. Click and find out what you’ll see at Museo Correr in Four Doors Room.


ROGER DE MONTEBELLO. Portraits of Venice and Other Portraits

May 13, 2017

Roger de Montebello’s work can be defined as “borderline”, between abstraction and representation. On display at Museo Correr you’ll enjoy a selection of his works characterised by an aesthetic of light employed with great efficacy. […]

FROM POUSSIN TO CÉZANNE: Masterpieces of the French Drawing from the Prat Collection

March 18, 2017

An impressive exhibition of drawings from one of the most important private French collections reconfirms Museo Correr’s tradition of presenting to its public masterpieces on paper that form part of an exceptional collection of exquisite drawings in pencil, ink, watercolour, etc. […]

IPPOLITO CAFFI 1809 - 1866. Between Venice and the Orient

May 28, 2016

The greatest retrospective of Ippolito Caffi ever shown. More than 150 paintings telling about the most original landscape artist of 19th century. Discover more […]

GIOVANNI BELLINI. A Masterpiece for Venice: The Drunkenness of Noah

March 5, 2016

In the 500th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Bellini (Venice c. 1430–1516) “A masterpiece for Venice” brings at the Museo Correr – Four Doors Room – “The drunkenness of Noah”. Find out more […]

SPLENDORS OF THE RENAISSANCE IN VENICE. Andrea Schiavone among Parmigianino, Tintoretto and Titian

November 28, 2015

With 140 works from all over the world, the exhibition is the first ever dedicated to Andrea Schiavone, the inventor of an innovative style. Click and discover […]

JENNY HOLZER. War Paintings | Exhibition

May 7, 2015

In cooperation with the Written Art Foundation of Frankfurt, Germany, as collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennale, the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by the American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer. Discover more […]

NEW OBJECTIVITY. Modern German Art in the Weimar Republic 1919 - 1933

May 1, 2015

Almost thirty years after the rare presentations of some of the exponents of German New Objectivity in Italy, this exhibition offers the public to explore the themes that characterise the dominant artistic trends of the Weimar Republic, focusing on the social, cultural and economic consequences of modernity, after the First World War in Germany. Discover the exhibition at Museo Correr […]

THE POETRY OF LIGHT. Venetian drawings from the National Gallery of Art, Washington

December 6, 2014

From the National Gallery of Art one of the most important collections of Venetian drawings in the world shown in a major exhibition at Museo Correr. A selected group of artworks composed between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries and brought back in Venice for an unrepeatable exploration of the artistic genius of the great Venetian masters and their relationship with the art of drawing. […]

PALLADIO AND RUSSIA. From Baroque to Modernism

September 27, 2014

Organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation as part of the official celebrations of the Year of Tourism Italy-Russia 2014, the exhibition focuses on the influence of Andrea Palladio, universally known as the most influential artist in the world about the art of building, on the history of Russian architecture. […]


From March 29 to June 15, 2014

The exhibition of this fascinating – recently rediscovered and attributed to Titian by a number of authoritative international scholars – will offer a unique opportunity for the museum’s visitors and Venetians generally to admire the unexpected “new” image of the great artist. […]


From February 8 to May 18, 2014

The fascinating context of the European city from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment is evoked in this exhibition through over a hundred paintings, prints and drawings from prestigious public and private, Italian and foreign collections. […]

LEGER 1910-1930 A vision of the contemporary city

From February 8 to June 2, 2014

Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, dedicates a great exhibition to Fernand Léger and the extraordinary experience of the European avant-garde […]


From June 1 to October 27, 2013

The splendid rooms of the Museo Correr will be the setting for the first major Italian retrospective dedicated to one of the greatest of living sculptors: Sir Anthony Caro […]


From May 18 to October 27, 2013

The project rediscovers and at the same time stresses the work of Emilio Vedova and, with some of his most forceful works, makes possible a comparison with the glorious artistic history of Venice within two of its leading museum […]

FASHION VOCATIONS: 8 March with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

From March 8 to May 5, 2013

Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia is celebrating the 8th March with the fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, displaying a selection of her creations in the Ballroom of the Correr […]

Francesco Guardi - 1712/1793

From September 29, 2012 to February 17, 2013

In the third centenary of the birth of Francesco Guardi, the last great landscape artist of the 18th century, the monographic exhibition aims to highlight his complex artistic production […]

SAN MICHELE IN ISOLA. An Island of Knowledge.

From May 12 to September 2, 2012

The year 2012 sees the millenary of the foundation of the Camoldolese Order, and the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Venetian Camoldolese monastery of San Michele in Isola […]

GUSTAV KLIMT in the Sign of Hoffmann and the Secession

From March 24 to July 8, 2012

Almost a century after his acclaimed participation at the Venice Biennale (1910), Gustav Klimt returns to the lagoon as the protagonist of a remarkable exhibition held in Museo Correr […]

ARMENIA. Imprints of a civilization.

From December 16, 2011 to April 10, 2012

The exhibition will mark the fifth centenary of the first book printed in the Armenian language and will act as the official launch of the jubilee celebrations taking place in the Armenian capital Yerevan, a UNESCO World Book Capital for 2012 […]

JULIAN SCHNABEL. Permanently becoming and the architecture of seeing.

From June 4 to November 27, 2011

From 4 June to 27 November 2011 the Museo Correr in Venice is staging a major exhibition dedicated to Julian Schnabel, the famed New York artist and eclectic creative spirit.
The show “Julian Schnabel. Permanently Becoming and the Architecture of seeing” is produced and organised by Arthemisia Group in collaboration with Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia […]

VENEZIA CHE SPERA. Unification with Italy (1859-1866).

From March 16 to December 31, 2011

Organised as part of the celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, which culminate in the Night of the Tricolour on 16th-17th March 2011, the exhibition documents the most important events that took place between 1859 and 1866, in other words, from the second War of Independence to the annexation of Venice and the Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy. […]

THE ADVENTURE OF GLASS. A millennium of Venetian art

From December 11, 2010 to April 25, 2011

After almost 30 years, once again the Correr Museum is hosting a prestigious exhibition on glass, in celebration of over a thousand years’ history of glass in Venice and the Lagoon […]


From October 5 to November 7, 2010

After the success achieved at the Vittoriano in Rome, with over 40,000 visitors, and in Ravenna, Milan, Stresa and Mantua, eni’s travelling exhibition “The six-legged dog: a symbol between memory and future” now moves to the Museo Correr in Venice. […]

THE POETICS OF WRITTEN SPACE. Handwriting and calligraphy.

From October 2 to October 31, 2010

The exhibition, part of the educational activities proposed by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, presents an itinerary that is a synthesis of traditional and contemporary visual communication through handwriting. […]

GIACOMO FAVRETTO (1849–1887). Venice fascination and seduction.

From July 31 to November 21, 2010

Owing to the quality of his painting, his highly original development, the similarity with the works of other artists close to him or with contemporaries, the Venetian Giacomo Favretto (1849-1887) is one of the most important masters of the Italian Nineteenth century. […]

SAFET ZEC. The power of painting.

From May 8 to July 18, 2010

The exhibition offers over one hundred and thirty works comprising oils, temperas, drawings in pencil, sketches and preparatory studies, large canvases and small paintings. Some of these works have never been on public display before and, completed by the Bosnian artist during the last ten years of his activity, represent a dramatic, extraordinary protagonist of figurativeness today. […]

800 Unpublished Drawings from the Venetian 19th Century.

From December 19, 2009 to April 25, 2010

Curated by Giandomenico Romanelli, Filippo Pedrocco, Andrea Bellieni, the exhibition is installed in the Hall of Honour and the Museum’s large exhibition area on the second floor. The works on display all in some way connected to Venice: either the subject of the works is Venetian, or they were conceived and completed in Venice, or they are about Venice, inspired by the city and its monumental and social aspects as a subject of exercise or poetical sensations. […]


From July 4, 2009 to January 10, 2010

The exhibition is part of the initiatives promoted and financed by the Veneto Regional Authorities, coordinated by the Regional Committee for the celebrations marking the five hundredth anniversary of Palladio’s birth. […]

DEPERO. Works from the Fedrizzi Collection.

From November 1, 2008 to May 3, 2009

The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia are opening the celebrations marking the centennial of futurism – that will have its climax in the great exhibition at the Correr in June 2009 – with an invaluable foretaste, dedicated to Fortunato Depero (1892-1960). […]


From September 25 to December 8, 2008

Organized by Musei Civici di Venezia, in collaboration with Galerie Jan Krugier & Cie, Geneva and curated by Giandomenico Romanelli, the exhibition offers about forty works on canvas and paper, including many of larger dimensions, carried out over the last eight years and concentrating exclusively on Venetian themes. […]

IMAGES OF THE 18th CENTURY FROM THE RAVA' COLLECTION. Books, bindings and engravings.

From June 15, 2008 to January 6, 2009

This exhibition, curated by Piero Lucchi and Monica Viero, presents a selection of works taken from the collection of Aldo Ravà (1879-1923), collector and scholar of the art and literature of the eighteenth century. […]


From February 16 to May 25, 2008

A courageous project – an exhibition conceived as a single work of art, with 9 rooms on the second floor of the Museo Correr housing some forty different pieces. Lawrence Carroll is an American artist of Australian origin who now works in Venice. […]

SPHERES OF THE HEAVENS SPHERES OF EARTH. Celestial and terrestrial globes (16th-20th century)

From September 28, 2007 to April 13, 2008

The first exhibition in Italy to be dedicated exclusively to the theme, this offers a fascinating insight into both the history of art and the history of science. Curated by Marica Milanesi and Rudolf Schmidt, the exhibition includes some 142 works from the Museo Correr, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and various prestigious private collections […]


From June 8 to October 7, 2007

With this large retrospective show at the Museo Correr, the Musei Civici Veneziani celebrates the work of Enzo Cucchi, one of the most significant of contemporary Italian artists. The carefully-designed exhibition contains a selection of works and cycles of paintings produced in the period from the late 1970s to the present day. […]


From March 24 to September 30, 2007

After “Turner and Venice”, another show which charts a great artist’s response to the city and its lagoon. Venice was, in fact, the place best loved by John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), the most important of American ‘Impressionists’, who was born in Florence and lived for most of his life in Europe. […]

AMLETO AND DONATO SARTORI: THE THEATRE MASK. Beyond the Mask of Commedia dell'Arte: From Goldoni to Teatro Nuovo.

From February 2 to February 20, 2007

In February, for the Carnevale di Venezia and in collaboration with the City Council which promotes its activities, the Biennale will present La maschera del teatro, an international exhibition dedicated to the long, intense activity of Amleto (1915-1962) and Donato Sartori, the two Paduan artists – father and son – known throughout the world for their work using an ancient, symbolic and evocative tool of the theatre, the mask. […]

WORDS AND IMAGES. Moments in the history of printing and print-making from the Museo Correr collection.

From June 9, 2006 to September 2, 2007

Drawing upon normally unexhibited material from the museum’s collections – including its Cabinet of Drawings and Prints and Library of Venetian History and Art – this exhibition offers an insight into the history of printing and print-making in Venice. […]


From April 8 to July 16, 2006

Organised by the Musei Civici Veneziani – in collaboration with Fondation Arp – Clamart, Stiftung Hans Arp und Sophie Taeuber-Arp e. V. – Rolandseck e Fondazione Marguerite Arp – Locarno , with the sponsorship of the Swiss Embassy in Italy, produced with Venezia Musei and with the support of Pro Helvetia – the exhibition comprises around 140 works: sculpture, drawings, collages, mobiles and architectural and furniture designs from some of the most prestigious private collections and museums in Europe […]

UGO VALERI. Sentiment and unease.

From March 3 to May 7, 2006

Organized by the Musei Civici Venezia and Edizionitrart, the exhibition displays around 100 works in oil, tempera, ink and pencil, illustrating the work of the Veneto painter, an emblematic figure of the lively and restless artistic world that existed in the city at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Brother of the poet Diego Valeri, Ugo was a leading figure in the cultural circles and a very talented illustrator. He would become an important point of reference for the famous 1909 ‘secession’ at Ca’ Pesaro, the palazzo where his life would come to an untimely and tragic end in 1911. […]

EMANUELE LUZZATI. Marco Polo’s Il Milione.

From December 10, 2005 to June 4, 2006

In this anniversary year, the exhibition brings together the surprising images created by Luzzati and a number of precious artefacts from the Museum collections (many of them not normally on display). These are either directly linked with ‘Il Milione’ or else illustrate the theme of travel and the crucial relationship which existed between Venice and the Orient. All the exhibits have been selected for the occasion by Camillo Tonini. […]

FROM BELLINI TO TIEPOLO. Great Venetian painting from Sorlini Foundation.

From October 29, 2005 to February 26, 2006

The exhibition presents a rich selection of works from the vast Sorlini collection. These fifty Venetian paintings date from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century and usually hang in the various residences of the family. Here, they are brought together for the first time in a public exhibition that provides a most stimulating account of three centuries of art in the Venetian Republic. […]

MAURIZIO PELLEGRIN. Isole, the third space.

From September 3 to November 6, 2005

The project consists of installations, film, sculpture and photography, which together form one large single work: Isole. Each individual section has its own precise logic; however, its full vitality is captured when it is seen in relation to the spirit of the overall project. The work has been made possible by collaboration between the Venice Museum Authority, the Superintendence for Venice Museums, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the Museo Storico Navale. It is curated by Alice Rubbini, in collaboration with Michela Rizzo. […]


From June 11 to October 30, 2005

The exhibition presents a great variety of works, some small yet grand, some large yet intimate: the curator, the writer and critic William Feaver, who was responsible for Freud’s Tate retrospective in 2002, has selected them to represent Freud at his best and most acutely demonstrate his preoccupation with the feel of things. […]

VERONESE. Myths, Portraits, Allegories.

From February 13 to May 29, 2005

The exhibition is curated by Giandomenico Romanelli and Claudio Strinati and organised in collaboration with the Musée du Luxembourg. Produced by the Musei Civici di Venezia with the support of Banca Aletti in collaboration with Fondazione Corriere della Sera. On display will be an extraordinary selection of “profane” masterpieces by the painter who, along with Titian and Tintoretto, was one of the foremost artists in 16th century Venice. […]


From September 4, 2004 to January 23, 2005

The exhibition will bring together around 120 works (oil paintings, watercolours, as well as prints, maps and Turner’s Venice sketchbooks) that chart the intense relation between the great English artist and Venice, which he visited at various times between 1819 and 1840.The works dedicated to Venice exemplify especially important aspects of Turner’s art – in particular, his handling of light. […]


From July 12 to October 3, 2004

Housed on the first and second floor of the Museo Correr, the exhibition will be open to the public from 12 July to 3 October 2004 at the usual museum hours. […]

TERRITORY IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY. From cartography to digital mapping.

From May 1 to July 11, 2004

Opening in conjunction with Army Day, this innovative exhibition is on a European scale and intends to explore the changes in the representation of territory made possible by the advent of new technologies. It also offers a stimulating overview of the rich collection of ancient maps and cartographical works that are housed in the Museo Correr. […]


From December 12, 2003 to February 29, 2004

This exhibition charts the history of the Fenice Opera House through designs for various productions put on there from the theatre’s very opening in 1792 to the last production that Pietro Bertoja designed for the Fenice in 1902. […]

SATIRI, CENTAURI E PULCINELLI. Gli affreschi restaurati di Giandomenico Tiepolo conservati a Ca' Rezzonico.

From October 21, 2000 to April 1, 2001

Third son of Giambattista Tiepolo and Cecilia Guardi (the sister of the painters Francesco and Antonio Guardi), Giandomenico was born in 1727 and would grow up to be an artist whose visionary works reflect the profound changes in the Venice of the day. […]