Museo Correr

Museo Correr




From 10 June to 22 October 2023
Venice, Correr Museum

Curated by Marina Mattei


The exhibition tackles the theme of the iconography of justice in its many aspects and at various historical moments and how this subject has been rendered in art, where justice is represented as both the embodiment of moral virtue and as a course of action directed towards its pursuit.

The exhibition will show works of art that represent the allegory of ‘justice as virtue’ together with others that focus on more celebrated episodes that exemplify overt action, such as the Judgement of Solomon and the Last Judgement. The history of its iconography and attributes has remote origins.
The oldest attribute associated with justice are the scales. Over time the sword was added as a cautionary symbol of the power of justice to punish the wicked, the lion as an expression of strength, and the blindfold as a sign of impartiality.

Exhibition promoted by Comune di Venezia, conceived and organized by the European Center for Tourism and Culture of Rome with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and with the support of Comando Interregionale dell’Italia Nord-Orientale della Guardia di Finanza