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The exhibition

A self-portrait by Titian
Questions of attribution in Titian’s drawings

From March 29 to June 15, 2014
Museo Correr, Venice

The exhibition at the Museo Correr of a fascinating recently rediscovered Self-portrait drawing attributed to Titian by leading international scholars, including David Rosand and Luba Freedman, and presented to the public for the first time in the Tiziano ultimo atto (Belluno, 2007, curated by Lionello Puppi) exhibition, constitutes one of the most interesting events of the forthcoming Venetian spring.

The drawing, generously loaned by a private collection after its recent display at the Fondazione Cosso (San Secondo di Pinerolo), offers an important opportunity for visitors to the museums in St Mark’s Square to examine this unexpected vision of himself by the great Titian.

From the depths of history emerges the face of the ‘grand old man’ of Venetian painting. Almost 80 years old, honoured by emperors and popes and celebrated throughout Europe thanks to his paintings, Titian seems to have entrusted a small and fragile sheet of paper with the task of passing on his appearance to future generations.

Concentrating on the profile of the head, with a rich fur collar and cap merely sketched, the rapid, confident lines of black chalkare applied in a mobile, vibrant manner, at times lingering over details and analysing form, to capture the unmistakable, familiar profile of Titian and reveal to us all the dignity acquired through his unmatched skill in painting.

Gabriella Belli, director of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, states that the exhibition will constitute an important opportunity for debate and investigation into the problematic field of Titian’s drawn œuvre, especially in his mature years, and will help scholars focus their critical judgment too on this fine drawing.

For this reason on Thursday, June 5th, there will be an study dayopen to the general public during the exhibition (June 2014, date to be established).

The project will be accompanied by a catalogue available online on MUVE Shop, with some new art-historical and critical texts byL. Freedman (Ebrew University -Jerusalem), J. Cranston (Boston University), J. Woods-Marsden (University of California – Los Angeles), R. Waddington (University of California – Davis).

Curated by Andrea Bellieni
In collaboration with Fondazione Cosso – Pinerolo and Fondartigianato Veneto


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