Museo Correr

Past exhibitions

EMANUELE LUZZATI. Marco Polo’s Il Milione.

From December 10, 2005 to June 4, 2006

In this anniversary year, the exhibition brings together the surprising images created by Luzzati and a number of precious artefacts from the Museum collections (many of them not normally on display). These are either directly linked with ‘Il Milione’ or else illustrate the theme of travel and the crucial relationship which existed between Venice and the Orient. All the exhibits have been selected for the occasion by Camillo Tonini. […]

FROM BELLINI TO TIEPOLO. Great Venetian painting from Sorlini Foundation.

From October 29, 2005 to February 26, 2006

The exhibition presents a rich selection of works from the vast Sorlini collection. These fifty Venetian paintings date from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century and usually hang in the various residences of the family. Here, they are brought together for the first time in a public exhibition that provides a most stimulating account of three centuries of art in the Venetian Republic. […]

MAURIZIO PELLEGRIN. Isole, the third space.

From September 3 to November 6, 2005

The project consists of installations, film, sculpture and photography, which together form one large single work: Isole. Each individual section has its own precise logic; however, its full vitality is captured when it is seen in relation to the spirit of the overall project. The work has been made possible by collaboration between the Venice Museum Authority, the Superintendence for Venice Museums, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the Museo Storico Navale. It is curated by Alice Rubbini, in collaboration with Michela Rizzo. […]


From June 11 to October 30, 2005

The exhibition presents a great variety of works, some small yet grand, some large yet intimate: the curator, the writer and critic William Feaver, who was responsible for Freud’s Tate retrospective in 2002, has selected them to represent Freud at his best and most acutely demonstrate his preoccupation with the feel of things. […]

VERONESE. Myths, Portraits, Allegories.

From February 13 to May 29, 2005

The exhibition is curated by Giandomenico Romanelli and Claudio Strinati and organised in collaboration with the Musée du Luxembourg. Produced by the Musei Civici di Venezia with the support of Banca Aletti in collaboration with Fondazione Corriere della Sera. On display will be an extraordinary selection of “profane” masterpieces by the painter who, along with Titian and Tintoretto, was one of the foremost artists in 16th century Venice. […]