Museo Correr

Museo Correr

Museums and more

Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia promotes cultural itineraries to discover the heritage, the history of the city of Venice and its Museums. The proposals of “Museums and more” project are aimed at enhancing the museum offer in the context of thematic paths involving different districts with dialogues between the permanent collections and the life and history of the city.

The itineraries are organized and conducted by the official Venice guides who are qualified to provide the visitor with an excellent service and meet the different needs and expectations of the public.

“Museums and more” is part of  #EnjoyRespectVenezia campaign launched by City of Venice.

Discover the itineraries dealing with Museo Correr:

The Venetian “Risorgimento” and the struggle for liberty: city walk and Correr Museum tour

This itinerary focuses on the French and Austrian domination of Venice in the nineteenth century and the city’s part in the struggle for liberation and the reunification of Italy – the period which Italians call the Risorgimento (Resurgence). We will stroll through the areas of the city associated with the liberation movement, before heading to St Mark’s Square to visit the elegant neoclassical interiors of the Correr Museum, originally constructed as a regal residence during French and Austrian rule.
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The history of Venice through the halls of the Correr Museum

This tour gives us the possibility of tracing the thousand-year-long history of the Venetian Republic just by walking through the halls of the Correr Museum and St. Mark’s Library, which are rich with objects that witnessed the splendor of the Republic, from a political point of view, as well as from the economic, cultural and social ones.