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The Art Detective
Having passed through the magnificent rooms of the palace and the vast multifaceted collections on the first floor, the young visitors engage with the picture gallery in a more playful manner. Story-telling opens the way to the discovery of details and the solution of puzzles, all of which teach the children how to look at pictures and understand them.
Length: 2 hours
Language: Italian, English, French
Recommended age for this activity: 7 to 12 years 

Jacopo De’ Barbari’s ‘Mission Impossible’: Rising High Enough To Get A Bird’s-Eye View Of Sixteenth-Century Venice
Jacopo de Barbari’s bird’s-eye view of the city dates form 1500 and the original pear-wood plates for the woodcut are one of the most prized possessions of the Museo Correr. The map gives an amazingly detailed account of the city’s buildings, canals, streets, squares and bridges; you can even make out roof tiles, climbing plants and chimney pots. Starting from this comprehensive visual record of sixteenth-century Venice, the workshop focuses on close-up views of some of these wonderful details. Then it moves on to look at the perspective techniques used in creating this extraordinary work, and pratical experimentation with the methods involved. The workshop can be differently adjusted according to age level.
Length: 2 hours
Language: Italian, English
Recommended age for this activity: 7 to 14 years


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