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Museo Correr

MARK and INTUITION - The Correr Museum Library PLACE OF WELL-BEING

Seminar to improve manual writing

Saturday 14 December 2019
Venezia, Museo Correr – Reading rooms of the Correr Museum Library, 10.30 – 17.30

MARK and INTUITION – The Correr Museum Library PLACE OF WELL-BEING

One day seminar to improve manual writing and to stimulate creativity

Seminar to improve manual writing


For more than 10 years the Correr Museum Library and the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice have been promoting manual writing seminars with Monica Dengo.

Traditionally the seminar lasts 3 to 7 days and is held in October. It is aimed at an audience of professionals and amateurs.

Saturday 14 December 2019 a one-day meeting is proposed, lead by Monica Dengo and Giovanni Dicran Megighian (Physician and professional coach) to give life to a process capable of creating art, personal growth, well-being, community building and culture. It is intended as an inclusive proposal, aimed at a wider public and with contemporary contents, in which the Correr Library becomes the special place to grow together.

Our society is integrating new awarenesses:

  • gender and identity sensitivities, the feminine future and the recognition of new identity perceptions;
  • scientific discoveries, the importance of the so-called subtle or non-cognitive abilities and the epigenetics of stress;
  • individual and community growth, at all ages to respond to the evolution of demography – the prolongation of life and the ageing of the population – the need for health in young people, adults and the elderly; – the disorientation and the cultural and community isolation produced by information overload and technology constant evolution.

Handwriting supports a way of thinking that heals us from stress and from the disposition to depression so pervasive nowadays. Handwriting power is acknowledged by the scientific world and it needs to be spread throughout as a common good.
Such awareness may become a priceless resource into our reference communities, stimulating intuition and creativity in us and in those around us, on multiple and non-simultaneous dimensions:

  • artistic and learning dimension, through the acquisition of a technique that makes writing by hand clear, understandable and fair;
  • development and personal growth dimension, through the stimulation and expression of subtle qualities, in children and adults of all ages: presence, attention, will and character;
  • wellness dimension, through the awareness that stress, chronic degenerative metabolic diseases and tendency to depression can be contrasted with the will and practice of meditation, of which manual writing is one of the ways;
  • civic dimension, through the development of a community that recognises itself as *Civitas*, ie an entity of men and women who share both values ​​of doing and of being;
  • cultural dimension, through stimulating the intuition of the future and discovering the solutions to transmit to future generations – or to those we will never know and who will never know our name – a happy existence on Earth.

The seminar takes place in the reading rooms of the Correr Museum Library and in the Museum exhibiting rooms from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.

The number of participants is limited to 15.

The participation fee of Euro 74.00 includes:
– Monica Dengo’s book Scrivere a Mano, edition Ciac 2019
– guided tour to selected masterpieces of the Picture Gallery (Quadreria)
– the exclusive experience of browsing through selected handwritten and printed masterpieces from the Correr Library collection
– 20% special discount on any order at Museum Café.



10.30 am – Meeting at Museo Correr Ticket Office. Access to Library. Distribution of material and beginning of the seminar.

1.00 pm – Lunch break at the Museum Café. A presentation of the Inspirational Sponsors of the project will follow (people, organisations, associations and economic activities that in a moral and ethical way approve and share the values ​​that inspire the initiative: the search for well-being and health through personal growth and intuition to be transmitted to future generations).

2.30 pm – Visit to the paintings of the Correr bequest (Quadreria)

3.15 pm – Special exhibit of some ancient books and manuscripts of the Correr Museum Library

4.00 pm – Seminar afternoon session begins

5.30 pm – End of the Seminar.


Reservations available online, selecting “Workshop in program” >