Museo Correr

Museo Correr

THE POETICS OF WRITTEN SPACE. Handwriting and calligraphy.


The exhibition is organized into four sections:

Historical: manuals, letters and private documents with handwritings from the 1500’s to the 1900’s from the Correr Museum;

Contemporary: artworks on paper and artist’s books by contemporary artists working with Western, Islamic and Eastern calligraphy. Artists: Kitty Sabatier (France), Benno Aumann (Italy-Germany), Satsuki Hatsushima (England-Japan), Adriana Seri (Italy), Xin Ye (France-China). Hassan Massoudy (France-Iraq), Torsten Kolle (Germany), Mari Bohley (Germany), Cinzia Ruggieri (Italy), Birgit Nass (Germany), Ewan Clayton (England), Brody Neuenshwander (Belgium-USA), Carlo Buffa (Italy), Monica Dengo (Italy-USA), Akar Abdallah (France-Tunisia), Laurent Rebena (France), Michaela Keller (Switzerland), Norio Nagayama (Italy-Japan), Dominique Pinchi (France-Italy);

Installation by Monica Dengo: I invite you to make the text your own.
Text to touch, smell, listen and feel.

Workshop: The works of students participating in the calligraphy workshop, held by Monica Dengo, will be exhibited in the show.