Museo Correr

Museo Correr

The Museo Correr Library


Book of hours in latin
Low Countries, first half of 15th century

Ms. cl. V 149, Parchment; mm. 214×148; cc. 74 numbered in pen in Arabic numerals; 8 quires; mm. 112×80.

The manuscript is rich in illuminations illustrating the Passion of Christ, the Resurrection, the Annunciation and the Madonna and Child. Each illumination is within a raceme frame with brilliantly coloured flowers, enlivened by gold. The decoration of this extraordinary manuscript has been attributed to the illuminator known as Maestro dei tralci dorati (“Master of the Gold Vine-Branches”), on account of the refined drawings in gold against a red background which appear throughout the book.

Restoration work:

  • Reinforcement of the leather cover
  • Restoration of the protective papers
  • Reinforcement of the stitching and the clasp of the front plate
  • Container suitable for conservation

Other restorations:

The restoration work was financed by the agency Art Pursuits Abroad, Specialists in Art History and architectural cultural tour holidays in Europe and beyond, Buckingham, UK founded by Joachim Strupp*.




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* Dr. Joachim Strupp, an art historian, expert of the Italian Renaissance, Professor at St. Andrews University and at Buckingham University, founder of Art Pursuits Abroad, an agency that specialised in holidays devoted to exploring the history of art and architecture, died tragically in England on 3rd April 2017, shortly after returning from a cultural tour in Venice.

Dr. Strupp loved to combine the art of travelling with the pleasure of learning, visiting places of great beauty and significance; thanks to his study-tours he was able to reveal the Museo Correr and its Library both to people who had never been to Venice before and to those who already knew it. Dr. Strupp was driven by a desire to educate and inspire both experts and novices, and during his visits to the Museo Correr he loved to show his students the ancient illuminated manuscripts conserved here.

For some years now, in addition to accompanying visitors to the Museo Correr, Dr. Strupp had decided to devolve some of the earnings from his Venetian tours to the restoration of some the Library’s valuable volumes. During his last visits, he had chosen to finance the restoration and conservation of the manuscripts indicated above and the work L’Architettura e la Scultura del Rinascimento in Venezia by Pietro Paoletti printed in Venice in 1893-1897, which was an important academic and research tool for him during his stays in Italy.

Joachim was not only an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, but also a dear friend. His intelligence, his humanity and his humility will always remain alive in our hearts.

We will greatly miss him.