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Museo Correr

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Access to the libraries is usually reserved to scholars, researchers and university students preparing their final thesis, or in their third year of study. It can, upon request, be extended to anyone who, for reasons of study, is interested in the material and documents the libraries contain. Details regarding this application process are contained in the Regolamento di Servizio delle Biblioteche (available in the entrance hall to each of the libraries). Access requires registration. The regulations lay down that for registration, one must present a valid identity document and a letter of presentation showing that one needs to consult the library collections for study purposes.

Consultation of the collections. The collections are to be consulted in the study rooms, in line with the procedures laid down in the Regulations. There is no outside lending. To facilitate the work of scholars and researchers there is no limit to the number of manuscript or printed works that they can request for consultation.

Reading rooms. The Museo Correr Library has two reading-rooms which can seat a total of 40. Readers may use their personal computers, for which power plugs are provided.

Personnel. Staff are on hand to provide information and assist the consultation of catalogues, as well as to distribute the works requested for consultation. The on-duty librarian may be consulted for more detailed bibliographical information, assistance in the use of inventories and research via on-line catalogues.

Acquisition suggestions. Anyone wishing to make a suggestion regarding the purchase, by the Library, of publications or documents of particular interest, should pass the information to the on-duty librarian.

Bibliographical Information. As well as attending in person, readers and scholars may apply for bibliographical information regarding the Library’s collections via telephone, fax, letter or email.

Materials’ reproduction. Readers may have material photographed, photocopied or microfilmed within the limits imposed by the need to conserve the material and the legislation regarding authors’ copyright. The costs of this service are to be found in the printed regulations and shall be borne by the readers.